Enjoy playing PickIt in three different versions.


percent mode Percent mode

The goal: Reach the highest percentage possible within 5 minutes maximum.

time mode Time mode

The goal: Reach 90% as soon as possible.

fuel mode Fuel mode

The goal: Reach 90% with a minimum of fuel.
percent mode time mode fuel mode
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Project director

  • Prof. Elias Wegert


  • Volker Göhler


  • Kim Berude
  • Danny Mösch


  • David Krieg
  • David Hahn

Special thanks to

  • Stefan Kranich (TU München)

    for the first realization of the game.

  • Werner Queck and Felix Eckhofer

    for their technical support.

Singleplayer Versus percent mode time mode fuel mode
0% 50.0l 0:00


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